Bedrest at 26 weeks 5 days, prayers needed!

I had my last appointment at the military hospital yesterday and I asked about the tightening I was feeling in my abdomen at my appointment… and the pressure/heaviness I was feeling… turns out I have started dilating and was having contractions every 3 minutes. I didn’t know that my stomach was tightening and loosening and assumed that what I was having was braxton hicks.  I didnt think they hurt at all so was really surprised to hear that I was “in labor.”

The doctors ended up admitting me because they thought they were not going to be able to stop the labor.  We got steroids for the babies lungs and this morning they were finally able to stop the contractions.  They let me leave after lunch.

The doctor gave me permission to go by the school this afternoon for a shower put on by one of my close friends.  I was told I had to stay seated with my feet up and was only allowed to be there for 30 minutes.  Ben came along and greeted everyone and after I chatted up people who walked by my chair, he and some of my friends loaded up all the gifts and we headed home. 

So, we are back home now, and I am on bedrest until delivery. We are praying that this delivery is NOT soon . I go to see the specialist tomorrow to see what he thinks our next course of action will be!!!

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