The Waiting Game

Sometimes I feel like my life has consisted of waiting… waiting to meet the right person,
waiting to marry the right person, waiting til the right time to start a family…
Over the last two years, Ben and I have learned all about a new kind of waiting. The wait to find out whether we were going to start our family, the wait after every disappointment, and now the wait to meet our new little family members.
This critical waiting started in June when we found out that we were expecting and that it could be twins… we waited to make sure everything was okay before we told our families, we waited to make sure that yes, there really were two babies that were going to join our family, and then the wait to see what they were going to be!
The latest wait has been the bedrest wait. Since finding out that I was at risk for preterm labor in November, I have been enjoying my time in bed, and praying that the wait time til meeting our little ones would be longer than everyone anticipated.
We have celebrated every milestone week and prayed for at least one more… and God has answered those prayers to keep these babies cooking. It’s funny how after weeks and years of impatient waiting, the patience game finally kicks in and you want the wait to continue. Keep praying that the wait continues!!

**Had another appointment today… Baby Boy (A) BPM:144, Baby Girl (B) BPM:157.  Cervix looked closed and hard… so it looks like these babies might actually stay put.  The doctor said things are looking good and that maybe they will stay put so long that they will have to induce me on time 🙂

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