Month: January 2012

First doctor’s appointment

So yesterday we had our first doctor’s appointment at Keller! The twins have both gained a good amount of weight since leaving the NICU on Friday. Joshua has gained 5 ounces and now weighs 5lbs1ounce! Savannah has gained 3.5 ounces and now weighs 5lbs2.5ounces….

The Twins Arrival

Last Sunday I laid around the house while Ben put together the bouncy seat and swing for the twins.  Knowing that they could make their arrival at any time, we decided to make the most of his last day off before classes started.  My…

Bringing the twins home

I can not even begin to express how wonderful it was to bring my babies home today. We had been warned that today might not be the day, and that even if it was, that we might have to wait a little while to…