Bringing the twins home

I can not even begin to express how wonderful it was to bring my babies home today. We had been warned that today might not be the day, and that even if it was, that we might have to wait a little while to complete the paperwork and have the twins released. However, when we got to the NICU, their doctor was waiting and immediately asked me, “Are you ready to take them home?” With a resound “definitely” she went ahead and got the ball rolling. The nurses had our discharge paperwork ready and within the hour we were ready to go!

Josh in his going home outfit!

Savannah Grace in her going home outfit!

The nurses who carried the twins out!

We stopped in the lobby to put them in their car seats.

We waited for daddy to pull the car around!

Leaving the children’s hospital for the last time, with twins in tow!!!

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I rode home in the backseat of the Escape between the twins and spent the entire 45 minute drive staring at my beloved babies!

So excited about having them home from now on…

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