Math Department Formal

So, the annual math department formal was this weekend and Ben and I really wanted to attend. Since my sister was coming to meet the twins for the first time, we figured we would take advantage of the opportunity to have a night out.  We asked my mom to come for the weekend and help her watch them for the evening!

Saturday, mom, Melissa, and I went shopping to find me something to wear.  I bought a dress at TJMaxx and then we went to the outlets to make some exchanges at Carters. There were so many cute outfits and I had so much fun shopping for the twins that I decided I should take the dress I bought back (I could buy each of the twins an outfit for the same amount of money… and I really didn’t have to have a new dress :-)).  I definitely enjoy shopping for these babies way more than I enjoy shopping for me!

So, Saturday evening Ben and I got dressed up and headed out for a date night (with the whole math department).  We enjoyed the evening with friends and the twins had a great time with my mom and sister!

We are so thankful that they were able to spend a weekend with us.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

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