My First Mother’s day!

I had a wonderful first Mothers Day!  For the first time I did not dread sitting in church and listening to the minister talk about motherhood.  I looked forward to sharing in the wonderful blessing that God had given me!

Since Ben spent the weekend in Tennessee looking for a place to live…  I enjoyed a couple of interrupted nights sleep on my own.  Beka was kind enough to take the kids at seven each morning (when Josh normally wakes up) and let me get a little bit of extra sleep.  When I woke up from my “nap” she brought me French toast and got some clothes for the twins to wear to church!  I got to take a “long” shower and take my time getting ready to go.

Ben flew in during church and met us there… after church the five of us went to eat Thai in Cornwell.  The restaurant there has outdoor seating and we were able to enjoy our meal without worrying about the twins bothering anyone.

I came home to flowers and a card from my sweet babies (signed by them too!) and Ben and I spent the afternoon looking through pictures and information he had gathered in TN and ended the night by making an offer on a house there. 

Didn’t they write me the sweetest message?  🙂

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