Month: July 2012

Six Month Appointment… and more shots!

This morning was our first official appointment at our new doctor’s office.  Dr. S was great and Ben and I both really liked her.  She took time to talk to us about the twins birth and history and then she did her exam on…

We have teeth!

We woke up this morning to find that Savannah had a little tooth poking through the bottom of her gums.  I wouldn’t have even known if she hadn’t been gnawing on my finger… she was in such a good mood. By the end of…

Six Months Old Already?

The twins hit six months old this past Monday.  It is hard for me to believe that we have had these amazing blessings for six months already.  Our lives are so full of joy and I can’t imagine a greater love than we have…

Too late for a nursery?

Well, it’s official, the twins FINALLY have a room of their own.  They are out of the pack-n-plays and we have two cribs put together for the first time.  As many of you know, I was very disappointed to not be able to set…

Let’s Eat!!!

I have been asked over and over by family and friends what I feed the twins, how often, and when I would start giving the twins solid food, so I thought I would do a blog about the joys of feeding twins! The original…

The Fourth of July! And more milestones!

The five of us (Ben, Beka, the twins & I) had a very uneventful fourth of July.  With temperatures over 100 degrees our downstairs air conditioning decided to join the upstairs one in taking a break from the heat.  So instead of dressing the…

Our new home!

Last Thursday we closed on our new home in Tennessee and I (Tricia) got to see it for the first time.  Ben did an awesome job picking it out.  As he had mentioned, it needed new carpets and the entire house needed to be…

Faith & Fire

Staying Faithful Through the Unexpected

Seeing in Full Color


Glimpses of Faith and Struggles

A journey with our family through multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. As well as a look into our struggles and faith!


Being still for Caitlin Grace

Whatever Happens,Rejoice

The Joy of the Lord is our Strength

Stacy Dickman

Finding Beauty in the Everyday.

Jennifer Andes

Chasing Christ in the Chaos

Learning to Embrace the Storms of Life

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