Our new home!

Last Thursday we closed on our new home in Tennessee and I (Tricia) got to see it for the first time.  Ben did an awesome job picking it out.  As he had mentioned, it needed new carpets and the entire house needed to be repainted; so we immediately set Beka up with the twins and went shopping to pick out paint, and carpet.  Ben’s goal was to have the entire house painted before the carpets come so that we can move our stuff in right afterwards.  In the meantime, we have been sleeping on air mattresses and working nonstop to clean & paint throughout the house.  The kitchen is now green, the nursery is tan, the master bath is purple, and the living room is gray.  Tomorrow, we have to paint the guest room and master closet and Thursday all we will have left is our bedroom!!!  Beka has been a tremendous help with all of this.  AND, this Friday, our new carpets will be installed.

Here is the twins new toy that I purchased to help with keeping them entertained while we work (of course, only for brief spurts of time).  Savannah absolutely loves it, as she is happiest when she is standing, and we have a hard time getting her to “sit” still these days.  Joshua likes it, but would much rather be held with something to chew on then be left to self entertain for longer than 10 seconds. 

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Savannah’s favorite part of the toy…

Another one of Savannah’s new chew toys!

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