Six Months Old Already?

The twins hit six months old this past Monday.  It is hard for me to believe that we have had these amazing blessings for six months already.  Our lives are so full of joy and I can’t imagine a greater love than we have for them. 

Time definitely seems to be flying by for us, and I am ready for it to slow down!  I have loved every stage of life with them, and am in no hurry for us to move on from this one.  I am trying to savor every feeding (and cuddling session) because I know they won’t be still enough for them!

We have not scheduled their six month checkup yet, so I have no stats to report, but here are a few pictures that we (Thanks Aunt Beka!) took to commemorate the special milestone 🙂

Coming soon: their six month photo shoot with Aunt Beka!  And milestones update!

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