"They’re worth it!"

So, I was thinking today that I don’t write about my husband and his role as a dad nearly enough.  One of the first things that attracted me to my husband was how good he is with kids and how much he loves being around them. Early in our relationship he told me that he wanted a large family and that he wanted to marry someone who wanted a large family as well. 

Throughout the several years that it took us to get pregnant, Benalways reminded me that no matter what the cost financially it would be worth it. 

Now that I am not working full-time, I worry occasionally about the cost of diapers (we still go through 20+ a day) and formula. Right now the formula we use (recommended by the NICU) runs about $100 a week.  I am thinking about stopping pumping next month and when that happens the price will go up even more.  Ben always reminds me, they aren’t going to be in diapers forever and what’s a few more months of formula?  “They are so worth it!” 

Our date nights the last few weeks have been spent finding everything those little babies could possibly need in our new house.  We have two highchairs now, a bouncer, a jumperoo, rubber tiles for their play floor and so much more.  Ben gets such joy from putting together new little things for them and watching their excitement when playing with them. 

Playing in the living room

He also says he loves how organized I am (though I don’t feel it)!  He let me get a baby bullet and steamer so that I could continue making the kids food.  I am able to spend a few minutes a week whipping up a batch of goodies for them and right now we have enough in the freezer to last the whole month!  I have not attempted to freeze any fruits yet, but that comes next :-)!

My new toys… 🙂 So far I have made zucchini, squash, sweet potatos, carrots, peas and green beans… I love making my babies food for them!

Ben tries to come home a couple of days a week to help with the kids and see them at lunch time.  In the evenings he comes home and plays with them and helps with baths and storytime.  He prays over them every night and takes care of whatever we need… because they are worth it 🙂

Full of smiles while playing with daddy… and pulling his hair out…

People ask me all the time if we are finished having kids and my answer is always a resounding NO… We want more children for sure, and I look forward to seeing what an amazing dad he continues to be to all of them!

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