9 Months Old Already???

Yesterday marked 9 months since the twins were born.  Today we had our nine month appointment at the Well Baby Clinic. 

It was an interesting visit since I made the trip by myself.  We got to the clinic and in the front waiting room they have you strip the babies down and they give you a clipboard with the Age screening paperwork to fill out (in NY we got this in the mail prior to the appt to bring with us).  And at this point, I had to park and leave the stroller… So, with two babies stripped down to their diapers, and diaper bag in tow, I took them to get their weight and height checked.  I got to hold one baby on the scale while holding the other one… then we were led to another waiting room…. where we got a twenty minute powerpoint lesson on what milestones they should have reached and what to expect before their next appointment (This was actually impressive… besides the fact that I had two squirming babies in my lap and was supposed to be filling out the whole clipboard of paperwork!).  About halfway through the exam, the wonderful saint of a Nurse practioner went and got my stroller for me… so that I would not have to hold both babies… I LOVE HER! 

Here are the stats from our visit (this is the first time that they have adjusted for their premature birth, so the numbers are a little higher than usual):

Joshua is 28 1/4 inches tall (80%ile)
His weight is 16lb14oz (12%ile)
His head circumference is 45cm (42%ile)

Savannah is 28 1/2 inches tall (96%ile)
She is 16lb14oz- the exact same weight as Josh again (48%ile)
And her head circumference is 45cm (49%ile)

After checking their soft spots, the doctor said that Josh’s has completely gone away.  He seems to have made adequate growth since their last appointment, but she wants to see him back in 5 weeks to check it again and make sure his head is continuing to grow.  His soft spot should definitely still be there since it is not supposed to go away til 12 months and he was a preemie she said.

She also was a little concerned about Josh’s weight.  He is 4%ile (red zone) for his weight based on birth and she made some recommendations for getting him to eat more food.  She recommended switching to a formula enriched with rice starch or mixing rice cereal into his pumped milk or bottles, but I don’t think we are ready to go that route… so for now, I will just try to feed him more!!!!

The latest milestones:

Joshua is pulling up to a standing position pretty regularly.  He loves climbing the stairs to the bonus room whenever he gets “set free.”  And he crawls at top speed and loves being chased!  He is working on teeth 3 & 4 right now and really loves teething rings… he also loves to have his gums rubbed.  He has not started having stranger anxiety yet, and gives everyone he meets the biggest smiles!

Savannah is starting to pull herself up as well and is finally starting to crawl with her belly off the ground!  She cut her 3 & 4 teeth last week and OY! is getting 5 & 6 this week.  She loves chewing on teethers and biting ANYTHING she can get her hands on (to include me… my fingers, my ears, my cheek & my nose… just to name a few…).  She has started getting overwhelmed by strangers and a little clingy, but it probably hasn’t helped that she started teething right after the ear infection passed.  She LOVES her daddy more than anything and cries whenever he leaves the room. She gets more excited then me when he comes home at the end of the day!

***And since our photographer is not around any more… and I am just not as good about taking pictures (and uploading them)… the nine month pictures will have to come on another day :-)!

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