Our first Christmas as a family of four!!

We decided after all the traveling we did in November, that we would stay home this Christmas.  We didn’t want to subject the kids to another long car ride and since both Ben and my parents will be here for the kids birthday in another week, we figured it made sense to just stay close to home!

Christmas was a low-key affair around our house.  Since it was just the four of us here, we slept late and ate breakfast as a family.  Then we Skyped with my parents and sisters in NC while the kids opened their gifts from everyone.  We exchanged gifts with each other afterwards and spent the afternoon/evening with our small group leaders at their house.  It was a fun day and we enjoyed spending our first Christmas as a family of four making new traditions!

Here are some pictures from the month of December:

During December we had the opportunity to go down to Nashville for a weekend and visit Gaylord Opryland.  We had a great weekend as a family and even threw in a visit to our favorite used bookstore 🙂

Relaxing in the rockers daddy got them for Hanukkah!
We got new teething rails for our cribs…

Reading one of daddy’s new popup books!

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