Ben · Joy

He left us speechless…

These are the words shared by Ben’s sister, Beka at the service honoring his life:

The last few days I’ve struggled with words to say today.  To me it seems I can’t find anything to say that encompasses who Ben was to so many.  He was many things.

He was a warm smile that brightened any room he walked into and a ridiculously contagious laugh.  He was the guy who sang the chorus of a song over and over if he knew it annoyed you.  He was a beautiful musician on both guitar and piano, specializing in 80s rock music.  He was an amazing tigger bouncer always sure to keep bouncing on top of you until you were fully awake and annoyed.  He was an avid Swedish and Norwegian rock fan and maybe a little Shania Twain in there.  He hated NYC with a passion, but loved him some Yankees.  H was proud to be called a nerd and loved probability, data crunching and other big math words I can’t pronounce.  He was a constant tease and always ready to help you pull off a prank.  He was a man of many various phrases such as “waiting on one,” “sounds like a you problem and not a me problem,” and of course, “that’s why we can’t have nice things.”

He was an incredible father and husband… proud to call them his… ‘ha, Twins.’  He was brave and courageous, but humble and kind.

He was all these things and many more.  But most of all he was a best friend to most of us and has left a hole in our hearts.

So as I’ve sat these few days speechless with a loss for words, I realized that Ben has often left many of us speechless.  But, also that was one of Ben’s greatest joys in life… Leaving us speechless.

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