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Five Month Appointment!

So this morning we had the twins five month appointment (basically their last growth check before the move!).

Here are Joshua’s stats:
6.18kg, 13lb10oz, 4%ile for weight
24 1/2 inches long, 12%ile for length
20%ile for head circumference

Savannah’s stats:
6.04kg, 13lb5oz, 11%ile for weight
25 inches long, 9%ile for length
25%ile for head circumference

Josh has had a runny nose since we returned from NC as well, so I had the doctor check him out and see if there was anything I should be doing for him.  She said his ears look clear right now, but that ear infections typically follow a cold by about a week so to keep an eye out.  She check Savannah too and said she looks fine! 

We got the nurses number in case we need a referral put through while traveling, but I researched some good things to do to avoid ear infections, and hopefully we will not be needing them!

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