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Four Month Doctor’s Appt

Today we had the twins four month doctors appointment (and shots.. yuck). 

Beka was kind enough to watch the twins for a little while so that I could get a little sleep before meeting Ben at the doctor’s at 9:30.  I found parking at the hospital and realized I had forgotten my phone.  Since I didn’t know where Ben was or when he would arrive, I went ahead and loaded the kids into the stroller and headed in.  We met with Dr. H for a LONG appointment.  Our first appointment was at 9:40 and the second was at 10:20.  We walked out of his office at 11am.  We have really enjoyed having him as the twins doctor and like how direct and upfront he is!

Here are the twins stats from today:
Joshua is 25 inches long (39%ile for length)
He is 12 lbs 7.5 ounces (4th%ile for weight-but growing!)
Head measurement is 41 1/2

Savannah Grace is 26 inches long (we think this is an error… no way she is 90+%ile for length- they will double check next month)
She is 12 lbs 1/2 ounce (She is 10th%ile for weight)
Head measurement is 40 1/2

When we left the doctor’s office we headed down the hall to immunizations.  Since our doctor’s appt had lasted so long Ben couldn’t stick around to help with shots (so I braved them on my own again!).  This time the babies were a little more active and one of the nurses helped by holding one of them for me while I waited for them to be ready to give them.  It was after 11:30 when they finally were ready and called us in.  Unlike last time the nurse said she couldn’t give them the shots while they were in their carseats and she didn’t feel comfortable doing them with their clothes on.  So, I laid each of them on the table for her and held them while she stuck them each. I didn’t cry but it was much more painful to watch this time since they both cried!

We spent our fifteen minutes waiting in the waiting room, where Savannah promptly fell asleep and Josh joined her on the way home.  They slept for almost an hour and a half in their carseats (through a feeding time) and then Beka and I put them in their packnplays hoping they would wake up to eat… they finally were awake enough to eat at 3 and promptly cried themselves back to sleep :0(.  They only woke long enough for dinner at 7:30 and we played with them for a bit before putting them to bed! 

My thoughts on shots: **Everytime I see the needle going in I think it is so long that it is going to poke out their poor legs on the other side.  AND I feel so sad when they sleep this much because I feel like I have just allowed the doctors to drug them. 

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