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North Carolina Trip

Ben and I had been wanting to get the babies dedicated for awhile.  We really wanted to do the dedication at my home church in North Carolina (where we met), but we also thought it would be neat for Pastor McAtee (an old family friend who dedicated me as a baby and married my parents, and Ben and I) to be involved.  Dad talked to Pastor Hedgepeth who agreed to have Pastor McAtee help him with the dedication and before we knew it we were heading to NC with the twins to have them dedicated last weekend.  Ben was teaching summer school and needed to be back in NY quickly to load a moving truck, so Beka and I braved the trip with the twins on our own.  We left last Friday about 8:30 in the morning and got in to my parents around 8pm.  We made really good time… however, the twins didn’t really sleep much during the ride and started to get a little fussy during the last few hours.  Beka became a master of feeding them and burping them without taking them out of their carseats.  We only stopped to take care of diaper changes and for food.  It was nice to finally get to NC and my parents house!

On Saturday, Beka helped me shop for something to wear to the dedication and then we spent some time hanging out with family. 

Pastor McAtee holding Savannah Grace

Uncle Ben and Cousin Tyler playing with Josh

Kristen holding her cousin Savannah

The dedication was on Sunday… (pictures of the dedication to follow) and then we had a get together at my parents house. 

Some of the highlights of the week in NC were a trip to Raleigh to see my friend Shelby and her boys… and meeting up with my friend Heather and her family. 

Our trip home ended up being a little more eventful (and longer) as we picked Ben up in Richmond and he road the remainder of the trip home with us.  We got home to a house empty of furniture at about 10:30pm and had to find air mattresses and sheets to sleep on. 

Here our some other pictures from our week:

Bonnie McAtee playing with Josh

My dad holding the babies

Savannah Grace dancing with Grammie

Shelby and Payton with the twins

Kristen felt it was time Josh learned to feed himself!

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