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Our first Valentine’s Day

In honor of our first Valentine’s day with the twins, Ben let me have newborn pictures taken with them by Coco B Sweet photography.  I had found the photographer online and absolutely loved her photos.  Ben didn’t even balk at the price, just said that if I wanted the pictures done by her, that we should do it.  These babies were worth every penny!

Per the photographers instructions, we woke the babies early (and gave them baths) and tried to keep them awake for a couple of hours before going to the studio at 9.  Since the studio was in Beacon (about 30 minutes away) I rode in the back to try to stimulate them to stay awake!  They both drifted off right after going over the Newburgh/Beacon bridge and there was no waking them up.  When we got the studio the photographer was all business.  She got the babies nice and toasty and went to work (what an awesome studio she has!).  She worked with them for almost four hours, moving them and posing them and calming them whenever they cried.  When we left Ben said he was sure that every penny we spent was going to be worth it!  She was soo good with them!

We can’t wait to see the pictures… but we wont have to wait long.  She said she would have them to us in 2 weeks!

Watching the photographer work!

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