Bedrest at 26 weeks 5 days, prayers needed!

I had my last appointment at the military hospital yesterday and I asked about the tightening I was feeling in my abdomen at my appointment… and the pressure/heaviness I was feeling… turns out I have started dilating and was having contractions every 3 minutes. I didn’t know that my stomach was tightening and loosening and assumed that what I was having was braxton hicks.  I didnt think they hurt at all so was really surprised to hear that I was “in labor.”

The doctors ended up admitting me because they thought they were not going to be able to stop the labor.  We got steroids for the babies lungs and this morning they were finally able to stop the contractions.  They let me leave after lunch.

The doctor gave me permission to go by the school this afternoon for a shower put on by one of my close friends.  I was told I had to stay seated with my feet up and was only allowed to be there for 30 minutes.  Ben came along and greeted everyone and after I chatted up people who walked by my chair, he and some of my friends loaded up all the gifts and we headed home. 

So, we are back home now, and I am on bedrest until delivery. We are praying that this delivery is NOT soon . I go to see the specialist tomorrow to see what he thinks our next course of action will be!!!

Glucose Test

Took my glucose test this morning… will get the results back at my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  Praying I do NOT have to take the three hour test… got sooo bored sitting there for an hour waiting for them to draw blood!

25 weeks pictures!

While we were in North Carolina for the baby shower, my sister had time to take some pictures of Ben and I with my pregnant belly.  Here are a few of the shots that she caught around my parents farm!

NC Baby Shower

Ben and I traveled to NC this weekend for a baby shower at my mom’s house. 

Our family that lived close enough were able to attend as well as some of my high school teachers, my close friends and some long-time family friends.  My aunt even traveled down from Maine for the shower (and to see her family that lives in NC). 

My long-time close friend Noel with the cake she made for the shower!

Such an awesome cake!

Plyaing games in my mom’s living room!

Opening gifts for the twins!

My best friend from college, Shelby!

Baby Shower!

So I had my first baby shower this weekend, hosted by an amazing friend from the math department.  My mom flew in to attend it, and I was soo overwhelmed by all of the people who came and showered us with gifts for our wonderful twins!  Here are a few pictures from the fun day!

Another Appointment!

I so love seeing the babies up on the big screen!  Another great appointment.  Babies are looking good, growing well and I am still free from bedrest for another month!!! WOOHOO!

Baby A was estimated as measuring 1lb7oz and Baby B was estimated as measuring 1lb4oz!!! 

Trip to Maine

Instead of heading to North Carolina for my first baby shower this past weekend, Ben and I drove to Maine to see my grandmother.  It was good to see my grandparents and some of my cousins, and to spend some time with my dad’s mom.  It was difficult to see her so sick.  Chances are we wont’ be back up there again til after the babies are born, so I am really glad we got to spend some time with her!

Ben and my dad in a typical pose!
Hanging out at Grammie Walsh’s house
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