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Specialist appointment on Friday…

They verified on Friday that I have dilated and that our baby boy’s head is funneling down. On Friday, my cervix was less than 1cm… so they did a fetal fibronectin test and it came back positive. The perinatologist did not seem to have high hopes for us making it another week or two. He said that right now 32 weeks would be a good goal, but not likely. He wants my care transferred to a hospital that has a level 4 nicu, but we are praying that that won’t be needed.  I am on medicine now to stop contractions, but still have 3 or so of them an hour. We go back in in the morning for more monitoring and hopefully things will look better then!

The good news is that the babies were measuring 2lb4oz and 2lb5oz which they said is a little ahead of normal at this point. 

Ben spent the weekend packing bags for the hospital and organizing the house and baby stuff for us. Looking at all the baby stuff and thinking about bringing my healthy babies home from the hospital with me is a huge motivator for me to stay in bed and try not to move around too much!

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