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The twins two month appt and stats (and shots- yikes)

Yesterday, Ben and I took the twins for their first developmental checkup with Westchester yesterday afternoon.  The doctor spent a good deal of time looking at their development and showed us the milestones that the twins should be working towards.  While they are two months old by birth at this point, they are only two weeks adjusted for development.  When the doctor finished with them, she said that Josh was performing at one month developmental level and Savannah was performing about where a one and half month old would be.  She said this is normal and while they are performing behind their age, they are ahead of where they should be.  She said it was normal for boys to be a little slower AND that she saw no reason why they wouldn’t catch up with their birth date peers in a short amount of time :-).  They rescheduled us for a checkup around 5 months as they will follow the twins for the first 2-3 years of life.

This morning, I took Josh and Savannah Grace to the hospital for their two month appointment.  Since I still haven’t mastered the art of the stroller (and wasn’t sure it would even fit in the exam room), I did as Ben recommended and just carried the twins in on my own.  I guarantee I will figure out the stoller next time as carrying them back and forth in the hospital by hand was definitely a workout!

Josh weighed in at 8lbs6oz and Savannah weighed in at 8lbs5oz.  Josh is FINALLY bigger than she is (even if only a little bit).  The doctor had me fill out a packet on each of them answering questions about their development, but I did not worry about the results since we just saw the specialist.

After their appt with Dr. H, the three of us headed down the hall for their shots.  Ben and I had discussed their shots together and decided which of them we wanted the twins to get and which ones that we would forego. We settled on three shots and I was prepared for how hard it would be to watch.  Amazingly, it went very well.  The nurse said she would go ahead and give them their shots while they were in their carseats, so we just pulled up their pant legs.  She did Joshua first, while I was comforting his few minutes of tears, she finished Savannah’s (I only saw the needles and I didn’t cry!).  By the time I carried them into the lobby, Josh was asleep!  I took Savannah out and gave her a bottle since we had to wait 15 minutes before heading home!  By the time I got them both home they were fast asleep.  As a precaution, I added tylenol to their first bottle of pumped milk this afternoon, but they seemed to handle the shots well and didn’t even fuss.  We will see how things end up tomorrow!

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