About Tricia

20190531_TriciaHeadshots_Final-1Tricia grew up as a military brat and enjoyed the opportunity to see the world as her family moved back and forth across the Atlantic.  Her family finally settled in NC when she was in middle school and she decided she loved the south and everything about it.  She determined then that she was never going to marry into the military and she wanted to set down roots near family for the rest of her life.  She completed degrees in psychology, English, and education before deciding that God was calling her to be an educator.

In 2003, she met a soldier and no matter how hard she tried to avoid it, she fell in love, and they married in the spring of 2006.  They traveled the world together, and moved back and forth and up and down the east coast for over a decade.  After several years of anticipation, God finally blessed them with boy/girl twins in January of 2012.

Shortly after the twins first birthday, Benjamin was diagnosed with brain cancer and underwent his first brain surgery.  Believing he was completely healed and well, the two decided to go for another round of fertility treatments.  In January of 2014, they added another sweet baby girl to their family.

For the next few years they enjoyed living in New York and figuring out how they would add to their family again!  Then in January 2016, Benjamin was rediagnosed with brain cancer, and underwent his second brain surgery.  Later that year, he left the military and their family moved home to Ohio.  Ben passed away in the summer of 2017, from what the doctors deem complications from brain cancer.

Tricia and her kids recently relocated to the DFW area where she will be working as an educator and looks forward to a season of just being mom after a couple of years of homeschooling!  She is excited about the future and how God will be growing their family.  Tricia is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a Hope Ambassador for Hope Widows. She continues to enjoy sharing her struggles, blessings, and all that God is teaching her.  And she is continuing to learn that choosing joy in every moment not only blesses her life, but the lives of those around her!