Is This Really My Life?

(A repost, but in light of Covid, I couldn’t resist resharing) There are days when it seems I can’t get over the fact that this is not the life I signed up for… I signed up for a marriage that was going to last forever… I signed up to be a crunchy, homeschooling mom of […]

The Blessing of Family

When I chose to marry someone in the military I knew it was going to be hard… I knew it would mean missing out on important events and time with family… it was one of the reasons that I said for years I would never do it. My dream was for my kids to grow […]

Travel: Arizona Points & Kanab, Utah

Our trip to Utah was probably my favorite trip of the last few years, and was planned in only 24 hours! We typically spend every 4th of July in Maine with family, but this year even first class plane tickets didn’t give me a peace about flying. So, I made the decision at the last […]

Change Brings Unexpected Blessings

               Ask any widow and they will tell you that there is a sometimes subtle change that starts happening after they lose their spouse.  They grow and adapt and learn new skills, and while it doesn’t change the heart of who they are, there is definitely a transition that takes place.  And those changes can […]


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