The Healing Power of Words

Have you ever spoken words that you wished you could take back?  Words that you knew were not life giving and would cause someone else pain? A few months before we lost Ben one of his doctors asked him whether he was being taken care of at home.  Ben replied, “no, there is no one […]

Be An Example of the Believers…

A few weeks ago a first grader on the playground at recess complained that some of the other kids wouldn’t play with her because she didn’t believe in God.  She said she tried to explain that she did believe, she just didn’t follow him, but that they didn’t understand.  What ensued was a discussion of […]

All Hope Is Not Lost

I often find myself thinking about the future and what I hope it will look like.  Peace about where I am, who I am surrounded by, and that my children will grow up to be exactly what God has for them!  I long for strong relationships with other people and the ability to ground my […]

The City of Brotherly Love- Philadelphia, PA

We try to visit my family in Maine at least once or twice a year if we can.  Fourth of July is one of my favorite times to be there because all the family gathers to celebrate… or did pre-pandemic.  But flying to Maine can be an expensive roundtrip so I always try to tack […]


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