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Fort Donelson National Battleground

Before the twins came along, Ben and I did a lot of sightseeing and traveling… sometimes to the point that we were so busy going places, that we wouldn’t always take advantage of the places that were close enough to us to make little day trips to.  There were a lot of places in TN that we didn’t take the chance to visit when we lived here the last time, and we decided that we wanted to take the opportunity to get out and do those things with the twins before we move again!

So yesterday Ben and I decided to take the kids to Fort Donelson National Battleground.  We headed out after lunch and surprisingly the twins stayed awake in their car seats for almost the entire hour drive. We got out and put them in the stroller to tour around.  We walked around the “museum” together and then we sat and watched the fifteen minute video about the fort.  Josh quietly watched the entire video while Savannah seemed to think it was like church with the lights low and music playing… she decided to dance and laugh until I had to take her outside.

We ran into another couple with a nice outdoorsy stroller who told us that walking around the trails with a stroller was next to impossible and they were going to drive it… so we traded out the stroller for our backpack carrier and Ben volunteered to carry a baby so that we could still do some walking! We did about an hour of walking before it was time to feed the twins so we headed back to the Escape.  We fed them and finished the tour while driving around.  They slept most of the way back and even played quietly for us to eat Mexican food on the way home 🙂

All in all, it was a great day and Ben and I are working on a list of other places that we want to visit the next few weekends.  We also decided to invest in another backpack carrier… maybe an Ergo that will make hiking and getting around with both babies a little easier!

Here are a few pictures of us from our trip!

While it’s a little warm for these now… I got a great deal on some homemade hats from another multiples mom online and they arrived this week so I had to check them out on the babies to see how they look!


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