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Grade III: Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma

On Wednesday, I drove Ben down to his doctor’s office in Nashville to have his 54+ staples removed.  His mom and sister watched the kids for us and we prayed that we would get some insight into what type of tumor that he had.  Our appointment was only with the nurse at the clinic, but as soon as we sat down she asked if we had heard the pathology yet.  We told her no, and she shared with us the name of the tumor that Ben had.  She said that the doctors (and herself) were shocked to find out the tumor was a Grade 3 and not a Grade 4.  She told us that this type of tumor is a little more rare then what they had originally thought Ben had, but that it was definitely more treatable.  She said she didn’t know enough to tell us what she thought the treatment options would be but she guessed they would want to do radiation and chemo regardless.

We left the office feeling encouraged, and knowing that God had answered the fervent prayers of so many who have been with us during this time.  We have a meeting this coming Wednesday to determine what the doctors feel should be the next course of action; however, after much research, prayer, and discussion, right now we feel that we are going to take a wait and see approach over the next couple of months.  Benjamin feels great and is ready to get back to work (and normalcy) and we are not sure at this time if radiation as a precaution is the best move for him.  We continue to pray that God will guide us through this situation and that he will lead us down the path that he feels is best for us!

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