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Never a dull moment… our daily walks!

J & S have really been great the last few months as I have tried to get into the habit of walking every day.  Since going to the gym during the day is next to impossible at this point, walking with the babies has been my number one method for getting back into shape post-twins.  We have been blessed to have a great neighborhood friend with a daughter a year older than them that can walk with us.  Having someone to walk with motivates me to walk longer and further… most days averaging between 4-5 miles :-). 

J & S seem to really enjoy getting out in the fresh air, and they definitely nap better on days that we get out and about.  The double jogger from the West Point Flea Market has definitely come in handy and I really feel like I have put that $60 to good use… (plus I know what I do and don’t like about it for when we have to upgrade).

I love watching the two of them interact and play while we walk and really enjoy the way they cuddle up against each other while we are walking, often even holding hands (sweet, right?).

Here are a few of our entertaining stories from recent walks:
Last week we are walking along and I see that Savannah is holding a leaf.  It must have blown into her lap while we were walking and she was trying to figure out what to do with it.  She is just staring at it, but knowing that everything ends up in the mouth these days I check to make sure it is whole and take it away… immediately she starts coughing and I realize she has already eaten one… I got the whole thing out of her mouth since she didn’t seem to be able to chew it and she recovered pretty quickly.

On Monday we were walking and I watch as Savannah reaches over and yanks on Josh’s hair.  Now this should not surprise me since she pulls mine every chance she gets, but for the life of me I could not get her to stop.  So, in order to calm Josh I walked for a while carrying him and pushing Savannah… when that got to be too much, I reclined both of their seats so that Savannah couldn’t reach across the divider to torment him anymore… and I added the backpack carrier to the basket underneath to combat future problems…

Today I was pleased to hear Josh laughing hysterically until I look down to find out that he is laughing cause Savannah has his fingers in her mouth…  The poor boy had bite marks all over his fingers from his sister’s six teeth… and he found it incredibly amusing. 

This weekend I will be out searching for a new “chew toy” to keep Savannah entertained while walking!

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