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Nine Years today & A few more raindrops!

Today marks 9 years since I married my best friend.  It’s been nine years of adventure, struggles, and pure happiness for me, despite the daily trials that get thrown our way.

For those of you that don’t know, Benjamin’s MRI in March showed another suspicious mass.  In consultation with his neurosurgeon at Vanderbilt, we determined that it was a cancer re occurrence.  At the beginning of May we began seeing a specialist (Dr. Gonzales) in NYC who put him on a protocol that requires 25 days of supplements followed by a 5 day cleanse.  To start the protocol, he needed to complete a 5 day liver cleanse.  At the completion of the fifth night of the cleanse last week, Benjamin had the first of three consecutive nights of seizures.  We guessed that the first seizure was due to the cleanse and the ER sent him home with instructions to take it easy for a few days.  The following night he had another seizure. I gave him an extra dose of meds, watched him for awhile and let him go back to bed.  We went to see his general practitioner the following day who upped his meds slightly.  That night we had a full night of sleep to awaken to 2 three year olds coming in our room to read.  In a state of half awake/half asleep, Benjamin had a third seizure.  I sent the children out of the room and called the paramedics (and a friend to come help with the children).  We spent several hours in the emergency room during which his primary care doctor and the neurologist at Westchester made the determination to up his meds significantly before sending him home.

We have been seizure free since, however, the combination of three back to back seizures and the high dose of medications has left Ben a little out of sorts.  He has very little recollection of the past 10 days (to include teaching a class, doctor’s appts, etc).  We were blessed enough that his mom was able to drop everything and come out for a week to help us out; and that we had friends that were willing to come immediately when called upon to help us with our kiddos (even in the middle of the night!).

We are believing that all three seizures were due to the cleanse that he completed (and the fact that it is doing what it is supposed to–ridding his body of disease).  Two and a half years ago when we first were faced with the scary news of a brain tumor (cancer) and given such a dismal prognosis from the doctors, Benjamin started learning about this doctor in NYC who both treated and cured “incurable” cancer by healing the body.  He started following the protocols this doctor recommended in lectures and case studies and determined that should the cancer ever come back, we would travel to NYC to see this doctor.  Last summer as we packed to move back to Georgia and found out that we were instead moving to NY for year, we had no idea why.  Now we know, God once again ordered our steps so that Ben could be in the right place to see Dr. Gonzales right when we needed him!  Our meetings with him have been nothing but encouraging and we are so pleased to be close enough to see him when we needed to!

That said, I’m so excited that I get to spend this day with my best friend, the one I laugh with, cry with, and the one who comforts me when the road gets tough.  There is nothing better than being married to your best friend and knowing that God is ordering the road you travel together.

**I would be lying if I didn’t say that this week has been difficult.  Having to tell someone the same things over and over and answer the same questions hour after hour is tiring and heartwrenching.  However, it is the first time in nine years of marriage when I have answered him repeatedly without him responding “why are you talking to me in your kindergarten teacher voice?”  And I have been told NUMEROUS times by him how much he loves me and appreciates my patience with him 🙂  He doesn’t know he is the saint, and I am so lucky to have him.  Thank you all for your continued prayers as we face another bump in the road together.  We look forward to sharing with you all from the other side 🙂

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