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Nineteen Months Old???

The twins hit the nineteen month mark, and since I never finished an 18month update, I figured I would give a little update on their most recent milestones!

They are both over 22lbs (at least based on our home scale, they are).  Which means that technically we could FINALLY turn around their car seats if we wanted to… but, we are still holding out for the 2 year mark to make that transition!  I am a stickler for the research, which shows that it is safer for a child to remain rear-facing as long as possible, even if their legs are all scrunched up… in case anyone is wondering… I DO NOT have short children!

Josh is measuring in at 31 1/2 inches (again, my own measurements with a squirmy child) and Savannah is measuring 32 inches.

Josh: We have had a few more teeth break thru in the past month and Josh now has 10 teeth in and 4 more breaking thru.  He is a regular sweetheart, always taking care of Savannah first.  If I pull out two cups of milk or snack, he always takes hers to her before coming back to get his.  He still fusses a bit when she takes toys from him, and refuses to take them back himself.  He also loves to do whatever she is doing!  He talks nonstop, although much of what he says, we still don’t understand.  It is precious to watch him carrying on a conversation at top speed!  He still goes from one activity to the next quickly and seems to have never-ending energy!

Savannah: Savannah seems to have a never ending supply of teeth breaking thru, and now has 12 completely in and 4 more breaking thru.  She is stubborn and persistent and has recently mastered putting puzzles together all by herself. If she can’t get the pieces to go in, she rotates the puzzle board around until the pieces will slide into place.  She can sit and look at the same book for 30 min at a time and has spent hours on end doing the same puzzles over and over again.  Savannah has several words that are distinguishable now, and uses them sparingly.

Thanks to our amazing babysitter, we have made some effort towards potty training this week… with several successful attempts for S!  Ben & I are really not in too big of a hurry, but if one child is potty trained before the next baby comes, we wouldn’t complain!  🙂  We are still cloth diapering, except for when we are traveling, and I am slowly stocking up on newborn sized diapers that will hopefully last us through a few more children!  I actually enjoy the cute diapers, and do not mind in the least washing/prepping them to be ready for their next use!

We are down to one nap a day and our morning wake up time is slowly getting earlier and earlier.  The kids are up most days by 8:30 and ready for a nap by 1 or 2… After a 2-3 hour nap, we enjoy dinner and some playtime with daddy before heading to bed at 8pm.  Naps and bedtime continue to be a drama/tear-free affair and we can’t thank God enough for giving us these two precious angel children!

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