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15 Month Update & A Brand New Schedule

It’s hard to believe that the twins are 15 months old.  They fill our lives with so much happiness and joy.  We can’t imagine life without them!

Over the past week we have made some adjustments to our schedule and… we are in the process of cutting back to just one nap!  EEEK!  Not sure how I will be as productive as I have been with one nap… but we shall see!

Here is a look at our daily schedule now:
9am: Kids wake up and get breakfast.  They are eating a piece of fruit (usually a banana), yogurt sweetened with apples, and a little bit of cereal or homemade muffins for breakfast.
Then we play, read books, and hang out together.
10:30am: They get some milk and cheerios while they play.
11:30am: They are getting lunch.  A typical lunch is hummus on pita bread, a piece of cheese, some fruit, and a veggie.
1:00pm: Our new nap time 🙂 While they sleep, I prep our dinner for the evening.
3/4:00pm: We get up and have some more milk and a snack of fruit or a veggie of some sort.
Lately we have been going outside after this and playing on their little playset (swing, slide), but we are hoping to get back into a good routine of walking in the morning and playing in the afternoon.  Our new naptime also frees us up to go pick up daddy from work when he doesn’t have a ride home.
6:00pm: We eat dinner together.  The twins usually eat what we eat and then they get to play with daddy while I clean up.
7:30pm: We start getting ready for bed.  We still tag team most bath times, but both kids love to take baths.
8:00pm: We say prayers and put them down for the night!

An Update on Joshua:
Josh has been a full-time walker since January, and is often seen running around these days.  He hardly ever stops long enough to sit down, and is constantly on the go.  He is getting much friendlier around new people and doesn’t mind letting new friends hold him.  At my sister’s wedding last month, he was my uncle’s constant companion and absolutely loved hanging out with him.  We have a hard time getting him to stay still long enough to Skype with family (unless he can reach the computer or Ipad and then we have his full attention).  He talks my ear off during the day with his gibberish and will tell me “all dun” when he is finished eating.  He is a bottomless pit when it comes to food and it seems that I can never give him enough.  We have taken to giving him his food in courses since he likes to shove in way more then can fit until he starts to choke!  He has also taken to eating his banana’s like corn on the cob which I find quite funny.  He has been holding strong at 8 teeth for a couple months now, but I think he is finally getting his back teeth in!

An Update on Savannah:
Savannah started walking on her own (without any provoking) about a month ago and is a full-time walker now.  She is hardly ever seen crawling these days unless she is overtired and falls (usually because she is trying to run after her brother).  Savannah has a much harder time around strangers then she has ever had, and wants to be held in new places and with new people.  She loves to Skype and will stand staring at the computer as long as she possibly can (although for some reason she still gets a little scared when Grandpa pops his head up to say hi)!  She is a non-stop chatter box as well and knows when to raise her voice to be heard.  Since she requires much less sleep then Josh, she can often be heard shouting at him to wake up (while hanging her head over his crib side and trying to get his attention).  She is a meticulous eater and typically eats whatever is put before her at a nice even rate.  However, she can’t stand to have a cup on her tray and after taking a sip will immediately hand it back to you, and if you aren’t there to receive it, it winds up on floor (and is very quickly followed by her brother’s).  She too has held strong at 8 teeth for awhile now, but as of this morning I think I feel three new ones popping in in the back! 

They have definitely started to notice and annoy each other more and more lately.  They like to steal each others toys and wrestle and it is a toss up on whether they will both laugh hysterically about it, or cry.  They have also started to investigate new places in the house (example: Daddy left the bathroom door open when he left for work and they conveniently noticed when mommy was doing breakfast dishes… needless to say a water table might be coming in the near future).     

They both absolutely love our Kindermusik class and we are enrolled in a Sing & Sign class next month (that daddy can attend with us) that I think is going to be great.  They love music just like their daddy and we are excited that he will be able to come with us!

They are both still wearing 12m Carters clothes (as that is what Grandma usually buys them), but Savannah is quickly outgrowing them in the length.  She appears to still be a little taller then Joshua, but we will find out for sure next week at their 15m checkup!

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