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Fifteen Month Stats on our Itty Bitty twins…

We had our fifteen month appointment last week and this is their stats:

Josh was 31.5inches tall (61% for height)
He was 19.95lbs (which is apparently 0% for weight)
and his head was 47cm which is 44% (but it is still growing adequately which is what is most important!)

Savannah was also 31.5 inches tall (79% for height)
She was 20.06lbs (10% for weight)
and her head was also 47cm (79%).

The doctor we met with recommended some things they could eat to fatten up, but didn’t seem concerned about them being underweight.  Also, they are still being measured against their actual date of birth which was 6 weeks early… so I think this is probably off a little bit.

Some other fun things to note:
* A few weeks ago we made the decision to switch to cloth diapers.  I did a lot of research and picked the brains of some cloth diapering friends and went all in!  Besides a recent trip out of town and nighttime, we are completely in cloth now.  This was not a financial decision although with future children it may end up saving us some money.  This decision was made in conjunction with a lot of other changes in our household over the past few months.  In light of all we have learned, we just couldn’t see putting our kids in disposables anymore.  At night and on trips, we use Free and Clear diapers (which have a nice tan color since they aren’t bleached like regular disposables).  I may sound like a crazy person, but I don’t mind rinsing the diapers & washing them, and I find it somewhat calming to fold them all and put them away (that might be because they are all adorably cute).  More to come as we make the transition to cloth diapers overnight!

*In light of cloth diapering, the twins finally have maxed out their 12 month clothing and are ready for 18 month stuff.  After 6 months of the same outfits, I am looking forward to the “new” wardrobe that is getting ready to move into their dresser!

*Today I bit the bullet and bought them their first pairs of brand new shoes.  I have been on the lookout for reasonably priced soft soled shoes that would be comfortable for them to walk in, and finally came across some today.  However, I am going to have to have 20 more kids wear them in order to justify to myself the ridiculous amount I had to spend on them.  🙂

*Also, in light of the fact that the kids are sleeping til 10 every day and needing to go to bed earlier then ever before, we moved back to taking two naps last week… even with 2 naps they are still sleeping 14 hours at night so we figured they might be needing a little more rest!

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