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An Update on Ben’s Treatment Plan

Many of you have asked what, if any, treatment that Ben was pursuing at this time.  Since we have prayed and researched all of our options and decided that conventional chemo and radiation was not in the best interests of Ben or our family, we thought we would share some what Ben’s treatment plan currently is (here it is in his own words!).  If anyone has questions or wants to know further specifics (why some things are included/excluded), please do not hesitate to contact us!

After much reading and research, I (Ben) have decided to move forward with the following treatment plan:

The following is taken twice daily:
1. Budwig Diet: 4 TBSP Organic Cottage Cheese to 2 TBSP Flax Oil.  I also add in a TBSP of freshly ground flax seed and half a dozen apricot seeds.  Developed by lipid scientist Dr. Joanna Budwig in the mid-twentieth century, this is an Omega-3 rich mixture which has been shown to be used by the body for cell regeneration.  It has numerous cancer reversals.  The mixture tastes weird, so frequently, fresh fruit is mixed in as well.
2. Cellect Supplement: A powder which contains everything that supplements contain in a bioavailable form.  Mix with water.  Originally developed by Dr. Eichorn who developed and then treated himself with this supplement to overcome pancreatic cancer in 1976 (still alive today).  Components not a part of the supplement are the B-vitamins, iron, and iodine.
3. Vitamin-D3.  Currently on 10000 IU.  A high dosage?  Yes, but this is extreemly non-toxic and given the low levels in previous bloodwork, this is acceptable.  Cancer patients with higher levels of D3 in blood serum usually live twice as long as those with low levels.  Note that this is for cancer patients; a class of individuals which I no longer consider myself to be part of.  Positive thinking! 🙂
4. Laetrile: 500mg tablets.  Laetrile, or Vitamin B17 has a long and much maligned history.  I take it in both apricot seed form as part of the Budwig Diet, but also supplements with the extract.  See the book “World Without Cancer” by Griffin for an in-depth discussion
5. Iodoral: An Iodine supplement since Ben is frequently chronically low on Iodine and it plays an important role in immune system functioning and is not included in Cellect.

Also included:
Beck Device: worn for 2-hours daily, this is a long-term immune system builder which disables microbes in the bloodstream.  A little uncomfortable to wear at first, but after awhile is quickly forgotten about.  Yes, I’m wearing it right now.
Fresh Veggie Juice: did I mention that I make fresh veggie juice every day?  I store it in half-pint jars that go to work with me (to prevent oxidation throughout the day)
Amazon Internal Tonic III: Shipped from Equador, this is an herbal tonic that works just as Amazon Black Salve works for external tumors.  One bottle is a 40 day supply.  Recommended by Mike Vrentas during a consultation.
Gerson Therapy: largely captured in the juicing addition
A 24-36 hour water fast on a weekly basis; good for metabolic stress of ANY cancer cells in general
Distilled water consumption only: flouride and chloride consumption is bad for one recovering from cancer
Exposure to natural sunlight for at least 30 min/day
Exercise/increased heartrate through activity such as walking for at least 30 min/day

Probably even more important is what I am not doing:

Minimal animal product consumption (These use valuable enzymes which are produced by the pancreas and aid in the consumption of the protein linings of tumors)

Followup tests are still being worked out.  For the moment they include MRIs, and blood-panels of a number of markers.

Okay, websites and books which I have found to be the most useful:

Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty M. Bollinger  (There is a LOT here, but it is worth taking the time to sift through.  The amount of information can be overwhelming; see especially the Cellect-Budwig protocol which forms the core of my treatment)
I read somewhere that Google searching the internet for one’s diagnosis is not a healthy pastime.  I can attest to that since there are quite a few memorial pages for .  Look at enough of these and it’s a real downer in spite of all of the other success stories that you run across.  I’m sure that if you searched hard enough, even the diagnosis of a hangnail would be cause for concern and somebody’s probably died from that too.  
Bottom line: you are the captain of your own ship.  Think positively and do what you know in your heart to be right. 
**(Tricia again) Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family! 
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